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I love food. Most people do. Food brings people together, gives us a reason to celebrate and takes us back to the experiences we have grown up with. My obsession with food started when I first moved to the Twin Cities and was exposed to the wonderful neighborhood restaurants within walking distance of my condo. If I wanted a burger, I had five very unique options within ten minutes, which inspired me to want to take that magic and bring it home. It was here where I decided it was time to learn how to cook.

Soon, my journey to the ‘burbs began. After my love of food and restaurants become my norm, the idea of having a home with some space and a yard for the kids took priority in my life. The best thing about the ‘burbs is that you have a neighborhood full of people that want to get to know each other (or are forced to because all the kids want to play together). This was a great opportunity for me to bring people together with one common theme: food.

The next thing I know, my Instagram feed was full of food pics and my house full of people asking what was for dinner. One day a good friend said to me: “Dude, stop taking so many pictures that you are doing nothing with – get them on a blog.” And so it begins….BurbsFoodie.com

The idea behind BurbsFoodie is to take you through the journey that many of us have had in our lives: going from simple and many times boring meals, to a bit more flavor with the simplest of techniques. Food is supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to taste good. With a little help, you will find people coming into your kitchen wanting to be part of your newly found inspiration for food.

I hope you enjoy reading, learning and following my friends and I as we share with you what we love to do.

Trent Ulrich

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