Holiday Planning – Time to Get Cooking

When you finally get to the time in which you are ready to cook all of the food that you have purchased, it is important to get down on paper just how you are going to approach the preparation of the food.  It is in my opinion that you want to determine this as soon as you finalize the menu, even before you buy the groceries, as you can determine how far in advance you want to start.  For example, you can make some desserts up to a week in advance and freeze them.  If you are making chicken stock from scratch, this can be done multiple weeks in advance and be frozen as well.  
Attached you will find our approach to the fall dinner party.  We have taken the stance that determine just what time you want to eat and work backward – in our case it was 6 p.m.  One thing to take notice on is the amount of time you spend prepping your meal vs actually cooking it.  In many cases, the better prepared you are with your dishes, the better timing you will have hitting your goal of a 6 p.m. dinner.  
Hopefully you have seen just how we take an approach to cooking for a group of people.  You will notice that the preparation into the meal truly starts days (or weeks) in advance and with the proper plan in place, you too can have a successful meal for everyone to enjoy.  Thanks for following along.

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